Middle School No Peanuts & No Nuts Poster

For older food allergic children, we’ve just created this poster. If your child needs a Nut-Free and Peanut-Free classroom, Middle School students really enjoy this firey No Peanut Man! The sign is 9 x 12, and laminated on both sides for durability.

If your child’s school library, gym and other locations are nut and peanut free – make sure they are adequately marked with a sign!

We have just brought down the price of our posters by over 50% to get you the best deal for the best poster!

If you want to order directly from AllergicChild.com please call us at (719) 338-0202 and have your credit card ready. Or you can buy from Amazon.com -


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If you would like to send us a check, download our printable order form here! Please fill out all of your information and the product(s) you wish to buy. Then, fax it or mail it to us with your check or school purchase order!

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